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  • What nights will the league run?
    • Friday nights, but there will most likely be some Sundays included as well. We're at Chelsea Pier's mercy.
  • When does the league start?
    • Sometime in July. Again, we're at the mercy of Chelsea Piers scheduling, but last year we started on July 11th if that helps.
  • And when does it end?
    • Sometime in September. Last year, it ended on Sept. 5th. It will most likely end on the Friday after Labor day.
  • What time do games start?
    • This will be a moving target until the number of teams in the league are determined. We will try to have as many games as possible start at 8:30pm on Friday nights, but this won't be determined until a few weeks before the season starts.
  • I'm only available part of the summer. Can I be a part-time player?
    • We opened the league up to part-time players once we knew that we could pay for the league. We will do the same this year, so if you want to put your name on the part-time list, please go ahead. But you could lose your spot if we can fill a roster with 100% full-timers.
  • What about drop-ins? Can I decide to play at the last minute?
    • Yes, it's $30 per game, and you won't get to keep your jersey. And this is completely subject to availability. If a team has less than 13 players, we will allow drop-ins. But Athletes Only will determine what team you can play on, so it's not guaranteed that you'll play with your buds if another team is very short-handed. But we'll try to accommodate.
  • Do I need to bring my own jersey?
    • No, we should have enough even for drop-ins. But only Full-Time players will get to keep their jerseys. Part-time and drop-ins cannot keep their jerseys.
  • Something happened, and I need a refund. What can I do?
    • To make this as fair as possible, here are the bylaws regarding refunds: Refunds will be disbursed after the fourth week of the league. Refunds will not be given if the funds are not available (i.e. there is no excess cash after league payments). Any additional cash that was received from drop-in players will be dispersed at the end of the season when all costs and revenues are accounted for. Any and all games played by the player to be refunded will deduct $35 from the player's tuition and is subject to proration depending on the amount of excess cash from fees and the pool of players to be refunded. We will try and make this as fair as possible, which is why this will happen mid-way and towards the end of the league. It won't be a first-come, first-serve basis. Expect your refund to be paid at a later date than the one by which the refund was requested.
    • All of this being said, there is also a possibility that I can refund you right away and all of this preamble is not necessary.