Women's Summer League @Chelsea Piers, NYC

The women's league is back in action this summer!


League Details:
WHEN: July and August, Friday's @8:30pm or 10pm
COST:  $300/ $175 (part time)/ Goalies Free 
SKILL LEVEL: Developmental / D8 / D7
GAMES: 2 hockey clinics, 9 games, 1 playoff game
CLINICS: During the first two weeks of the league, the clinics will begin at 7pm. Both teams will play at 8:30pm.
WHERE: Chelsea Piers Sky Rink

League Skills Clinic:
This year, we are introducing a skills clinic at the beginning of the league. These clinics will focus on hockey knowledge and positioning. Both clinics are free/included in the league fees for both full and part time players. These clinics will feature the following skills:
  • Positional Play: Offensive, defensive and neutral zone positioning as well as face-offs.
  • Simple Breakouts: Learn the basic fundamentals of a breakout.
  • Neutral Zone Strategies: Focusing on aggressive/passive neutral zone strategies.
  • General Hockey Knowledge: Learn how to read the play and react off your teammates actions.

League Mission Statement:

The women's league began as a simple marketing tool to promote Athletes Only (the app that is still under development :/) and to have a place for women to be able to compete against each other. We will continue to build and develop women's hockey with this mission in hand: To create a competitive hockey league and community of women that encourages development and team building in all aspects of sport and career.

For more information on the league rules, go here: League Rules.
For league frequently asked questions, please go here: FAQs
WHERE: Chelsea Piers, NYC
MONTHS: July and August*
 Friday's @ 8:30pm and 10pm
PRICE: $300/ $175 (part time)/ Goalies Free 
INCLUDES: 2 clinics, 9 games, 1 playoff game